Welcome :)

I call myself a Jane-of-all-Trades:

I am an engineer, designer, coder,
soldermonkey & interpretive dancer.

One of the above is not strictly true...


HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript
This site is hand-coded, for example.

Adobe Suite:
Creating and editing images, templates.

MS Office:
Deeper use of Word, Excel, Access,
e.g. using Macros, VBA, Formulas, etc.

Schematic entry, PCB layout, testing.

Please contact me for a copy of my CV.

Current status

I'm working part time at 25 hours per
week while my children remain small.

I'm looking for a new challenge.

Got something for me? Email me!


A photography website I built on tumblr.

Not so many new ones, as most of my photos now feature my children, who are kept private :)

Watch this space for more...

Roaring Tweeties

A fabulous idea I have had: Vintage-style accessories for your favourite flapper!


Not much in it just yet :)

MK timelapse GmbH

MK's newest website, built by me on Wix.

Also available in German: zeitraffer.org

Online Documentation

The MK wiki website for MK timelapse clients.